The Positive Reframe: Why Trump’s Inauguration is Not the Beginning of an Era — but the End
Peter Leyden

Peter, I come from Erin’s perspective.Though white, I am female, and as such, somewhat marginalized. My question though is — will the damage to Roe v. Wade caused by Twittler and his minions be reversible? Most male law makers never talk about the man taking responsibility or having a vasectomy, or formulating a pill for men.

Additionally,women (white) get paid between .78 - .84 cents on the dollar that a man makes — women of color make even less .58 - .65 cents on the dollar. Again, will these set backs during the Twittler era be reversible?

I agree with your prognosis of a Civil War taking place, but I see it happening more along the lines of Racial Justice. White culture and white privilege (including white male privilege) — and capitalism will have to end before women’s rights are considered human rights, before men of color stop being murdered by white cops. Institutionalized racism will need to end, before anything improves. And this process of ending white culture and privilege is going to be ugly.

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