Taking the Weight Off Your Shoulders

And make loving yourself your only New Year’s resolution

Ladies, I can already feel you putting the weight of another new year on your shoulders by trying to remove weight from your body. I see all the weight loss resolutions on your bedroom walls and the new gym membership in your wallets. Even Oprah has vowed to again take on the challenge of shedding off unnecessary pounds (talk about pressure).

I have a thought. While everyone else anxiously waits for the ball drop to start their weight loss goals, how about you take a different path.


I mean it!! Forget all about your pointless resolutions that will dwindle well before the weather turns warm. It won’t work, and even if it does work for a while, who cares. Really, who gives a damn.

“The size of your body will never be the most important or greatest thing about you.”

Your purpose in life, your meaning in the world is so beyond the physicality of your body.

What I want you to do is make another promise to yourself. An entirely different kind of resolution! I want you to promise yourself that you are not judging your own worth by the size of your waist.


That you are not weighing your value on a scale.

I want you to look at yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and look yourself, head to toe.


I don’t care what you weigh, if some part of you is too big or not big enough, if your hair is done, if your clothes don’t fit right. I want you to look in the mirror and love who you see.

“This year instead of focusing on being less…focus on being more.”

Yes, more, more, more. More love for who you are. More attention on the successes you have had, no matter how tiny they may appear to you. More time spent with the people you love. More time dreaming and chasing your dreams.

“If you want to make a resolution, resolve to find peace with your body exactly how it is.”

Because that’s where it all starts. This time of year especially, we get so caught up in change that we dismiss who we are in the present moment and all that we’ve done.

Don’t be that person. Don’t be that person who see’s a slimmer version of yourself as the better person. Be that better version of yourself right now and take the steps to improve your health because YOU want to and WHEN you want to.

“Our constant endeavour to become new often makes invisible to us all the ways our current selves are magnificent.”

Completely discard your resolution to lose weight and replace it with the resolution to love yourself as you are. Deeply love…as you would love a new born baby with all their delicious ripples of chubbiness and regardless that they have accomplished absolutely nothing at all yet in life. Give yourself this fresh new born baby kinda love!

Then watch what happens when you choose to start your journey in this manner. When you truly love yourself first, appreciate who you are, and assess yourself as an entire being; body, mind, spirit, soul.

You will discover so much more than what you set out for. Your relationships will be so much more fulfilling, the sex so much more gourmet, and life full of moments worth celebrating.


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