You Only Hate Assad Because Your TV Told You To
Caitlin Johnstone

My god, this is my firs read on Medium… welcome in a new world of Propaganda.

No i don’t hate Assad because TV told me to, i don’t have TV…

I just read more and more from both side, learn, try to find reasons, explain, and hopefully «alternative facts» stil’ don’t stand in front of reality.

Simple question, why did Obama finally refuse to engage when the French President asked him to attack Assad after the first chemical attacks happened, if all that bullshit was created by CIA to be able to invade Syria?

I will not even try to talk about all the stupid excuses/statements of Russia about what happened in Aleppo. One day, there are only ISIS members in the western part, next day Aleppo has been freed, next day they negociate with the rebels, next day they start to supervise the convoy to rebel areas with cars/buses full of women and kids…

You must be really stupid to don’t see that everything going out from Assad and Russia is just total propaganda/bullsh**

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