GovTech Research Newsletter No 3 26th March 2017

A lot has been happening in GovTech, don’t forget our first meetup meeting on 29th March at Senate House, Central London and to follow us on @govtechresearch

This week’s great stories are a $2bn with purpose fund and the delightful story behind the Digital Fishing Rod Licence. 
1) UK Central and Local Government 
DEFRA’s Rural Payments agency a well-designed data architecture matters excellent example.
The Scottish Government has published a Digital Strategy
Digital Fishing Rod licence the delightful story behind them
Digital Design Culture UK GDS — Steps to building a design culture

2) Startups
A HackTrain occurring in a bus depot? DfT sponsored HackTrain took place over the weekend.
3) Open Data
UK City infrastructure mapping — has just demoed its spatialOS mapping a complete UK City at Google Cloud Next

Open Government Partnership 2016 Annual report OGP Co-creation week this week 27–31 March 2017

Farm Payments UK Environment Stewardship scheme £2.6bn pa in farm payments mapped great use of open data

NASA Earth Observatory see growth of Shanghai over 32 years.
UK Urban Big Data Centre Massive UK Data sets available Call for expressions of interest by 31st March 2017

Camden Council London UK Open Data website launched.

UK’s ODI For the next Data as Culture art exhibition we are looking for artworks that interrogate data in ways that raise a wry smile.

Amazon — City in the cloud Innovation Challenge — AWS competition prize $50,000
CityLab mapping educational achievement gaps in US cities
GovHack Australia 28th — 30th July 201 register interest

UK Affordability — ONS housing affordability data in England and Wales great open data sets.

France — Energy Saving — add wooden cubes to sides of blocks of flats increase thermal efficiency by 75% and living space

UK NLGN New Local Government Network report — Community to be put at the heart of any housebuilding plan

New York searches for an answer to housing shortage Micro Apartment’s.

Glasgow — Student housing, system built shipping container size imported from China.

4) Other
Data Driven Farming Competition/Prize deadline 6th April great series of datasets

Social Impact fund with $2bn firepower being planned.

5) UK Infrastructure and Industrial Strategy

The UK Civil Engineers call for digital transformation of Infrastructure Investment and construction process. They make some strong points Digital transformation at the heart of Industrial Strategy, construction (digital delivery) and infrastructure (Smart Infrastructure, and regulation based on outcomes for end user.

Localis has completed an interesting analysis of UK Industrial Strategy and how it should focus on place, stifled and stuck places. Stifled are growing towns that have growth constraints, Stuck are low growth and challenged towns

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