Hacking the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: 5 Ways to Recover Organic Reach
Larry Kim

It’s only about the engagement, things you have mention like videos, pics and other thing does not matter. Single status can be views by all friends. It is about how you recently engage with that kind of post. There are so many marketing pages on Facebook like 150k or 300k, but when they post they got only 10 or 20 likes.

You have forgot to mention many things, like if I shared someone status/pic/videos then next time I will see his/her all of the posted content in my news feed. It’s about how I liked someone, It is not about what you shared. Many of pages and my friend share videos and many stuff/quota and bla bla, but I don’t like that, and Facebook next time don’t show me that kind of stuff, but still my other friend can see it, because they like that kind of stuff. It’s about interest as well. That’s why Facebook Ads is play a vital role to target specific user.

I can write unlimited headline like this :p