Dependencies Check with Jenkins

Grégoire Willmann
Jul 15 · 2 min read

OWASP Dependency-Check Plugin was recently updated from version 4.x to version 5.x introducing breaking changes for our Jenkins pipelines.

After upgrading the plugin, create a new Dependency-Check installation in the Global tools configuration of your Jenkins instance:

new installation of Dependency-Check

We have a Jenkins job running every day which sole purpose is to update the NVD database.
As it was not a pipeline job we had to reconfigure it from the UI.

This job runs every day at 4 AM

Next we had to change all our pipeline script for checking and publishing results of dependencies checks:

  • Checking

Changed from

dependencyCheckAnalyzer datadir: ‘/home/jenkins/security/owasp-nvd/’, hintsFile: ‘’, includeCsvReports: false, includeHtmlReports: true, includeJsonReports: true, includeVulnReports: true, isAutoupdateDisabled: true, outdir: ‘build/owasp’, scanpath: ‘’, skipOnScmChange: false, skipOnUpstreamChange: false, suppressionFile: ‘’, zipExtensions: ‘’


sh(‘mkdir -p build/owasp’)
dependencycheck additionalArguments: '--project plastinforme --scan ./ --data /home/jenkins/security/owasp-nvd/ --out build/owasp/dependency-check-report.xml --format XML', odcInstallation: 'Dependency Checker'
  • publishing results

Changed from

dependencyCheckPublisher canComputeNew: false, defaultEncoding: '', healthy: '', pattern: 'build/owasp/dependency-check-report.xml', unHealthy: ''


dependencyCheckPublisher pattern: 'build/owasp/dependency-check-report.xml'

Grégoire Willmann

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