Searching and viewing your notes efficiently with Alfred

Grégoire Willmann
May 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Thanks to James Routley (@james_routley) and his article entitled

Using a logbook to improve your programming

I have taken the wonderful habit of writing daily notes on my computer.

This has proven to be very useful for me especially for remembering things that I seldom do in my day to day life.

Now, with the terminal alias lb I can quickly create and edit my notes with vim.

lb is an alias set in my .bash_profile

Sadly the article didn’t mention how to browse and search through my notes efficiently.

Being a heavy user of Alfred (with the powerpack 💪), I wanted to be able to ask him to search through my notes with the command lb

This is the results Alfred displays when I summon him with the command `lb`

So here is what I have come up with:

  1. I downloaded the workflow called alfred-grep, created by ichitaro, (view the workflow on GitHub here: It allows the user to grep through his files and folders with Alfred.
  2. I customized the workflow to fit my need:
    - I changed the default keyword from grep to lb
    - I set the default search location to the folder containing my notes

This way whenever I need to access my notes, it’s just a simple alfred command away!

Another example of Alfred showing me the files containing the term phpunit

Of course if you want to get fancy and search your notes with regex, it’s possible as the workflow uses grep behind the scenes.

A huge thanks to James Routley and ichitaro for their work!

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