Mike Flynn Was Forced Out Of Office For The Stupidest Possible Reason
Michael Tracey

So, to be clear …

Instead of focusing on how Flynn could have — in fact, arguably should have — been forced to resign over far worse egregious behavior in addition to pointing out the relatively benign circumstances that may have lead to his resignation, you opt to assert your opinions under, presumably, the guise of “news” (after all, you are a self-proclaimed “roving journalist”) and build — or perhaps merely just perpetuate — a conspiracy theory where “establishment groupthink” among the “Natsec agitators” led to “Deep State machinations” that facilitated this outcome.

Furthermore, without any compelling evidence, you claim that “it was Obama who acted hastily in this circumstance, not Flynn” regarding the placement of sanctions on Russia without exploring the possibility that Obama may have possessed sufficient knowledge necessary to act for “the benefit of U.S. foreign policy.” Regardless of whether such evidence is publicly available, your claims are no less “myopic” than of those you seek to criticize who may applaud any effort meant to curtail a tendency toward authoritarianism as witnessed through numerous examples from Trump and his surrogates.

Your melodramatic reduction of #TheResistance stating that “liberals’ sole goal in life is to Make Trump Look Bad” is further proof that you are just another source of “fake news,” albeit of a more highbrow snobbery.

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