Email marketing can be a tough field. After battling the spam filters and instant unsubscribers, you have to make sure people not only open your email (most don’t), but also read it and click through. Fortunately there are some very simple rules to follow to make the most out of your email marketing messages, to drive up engagement and convert them directly into sales.

1. Catchy subject line

The subject line should be your primary focus when thinking about the copywriting of your email. This is the first thing anyone sees when they receive your email, and more often than not, the only thing…

Many people are claiming the days of email marketing are numbered, if not gone altogether. Nobody reads marketing emails, it’s all about social media now, and getting the biggest number of followers, or likes, or comments, or whatever other number that is to be incremented. And as such, email marketing is dead.

Except that that’s not true.

How people view email

Email is still largely viewed the same way as normal mail; some mail you get is personal correspondence, some of it is transactional, and some other portion is marketing, and it all flows into the same space in harmony. Social networks on the…

Fast and easy email scraping.

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