28% of Our Work Week is Spent Writing & Answering Emails!

Our jobs today are awesome and extremely rewarding. These jobs often contain an aspect of pure result driven tasks but also contain a wide range of administrative time consuming aspects. The key being that if we can bring down the amount of time we spend filling out forms or asking for files from clients then we can focus on what is most important, creating tangible results from our work. As the Washington Post wrote “ 28 percent of our time — that’s 13 hours in an average workweek — is still a whole lot to spend writing and answering emails”. Many of these emails are follow up emails chasing certain files or responses. Some of these emails end up with replies from clients forgetting to attach a file or complaining that they have already sent the files needed. These are conversations of very low value for both you and your customer, taking up time for both of you.

Grabler Dashboard View of your Clients Activity

Creating more time in the work day for more important tasks was the reason why we created Grabler. We were tired of multiple follow up emails and the administrative tasks that it involved. We decided to do something about it! The idea is to remove the time it takes to follow up with clients when you need files or attachments by creating smart templates that your clients can fill out without any activity from you. All you have to do is log in to your own cloud storage and grab the files you need at your own pace. We do all the follow up reminders to make sure that your customer knows what is missing and when it is needed. All you need to do is sit back and let Grabler’s Smart Templates do the work!

Give Grabler a shot, Try our free trial and see for yourself www.grabler.io