I want to hug President Barack Obama. And you’re going to help me do it.
Kimberly Harrington

I liked this piece very much and I also want to give Obama a hug. It has always seemed to me that he embodies the 4 archetypes as described by Angeles Arrien in her book The Four Fold Way. I see him as a Healer, Visionary, Teacher and Warrior. Voting him in as president was the best thing Americans could have done for their own country and for the world. Because when we elect leaders of our countries, it’s just not about our individual countries; it’s about getting along in this world. That’s why I believe we must take an interest in what all countries are up to.

I am very sorry that President Obama’s term as president is up but I’m also very much looking forward as to what he and Mrs. Obama will accomplish in their new ventures.

I’m Canadian, but I’m going to sign your petition too and hope it counts.