For the ABC project we were given a letter from the alphabet, pulled from a hat and then from that letter we had to make a short minute film surrounded by the topic of blood. I was lucky enough to get the letter of Q. That is where the problems arose. This assessment was to be done in pairs. I was originally was paired Jessie. We worked together brainstorming different words coming up with things like quick, quiet, quokka, quilt. None of these really fit with blood, we then had to go our separate ways and on the bus we continued our conversation over Facebook and realized we over skipped the word Quarantine. We started thinking about ideas and eventually decided on a scientist experimenting on different blood diseases. As a writer I went away and drafted up two different scripts. We decided on the script that had 1 location and 1 character. This is when Jessie decided to tell me that she was deferring from SAE. Now not gonna lie that sent me into a bit of a panic. As much as I have some amount of confidence in my skills with a camera editing is not my strong point so I would of completely failed on that part

Thankfully Sam lawn hadn’t been partnered up with anyone yet. Because he missed the class that it was organised in. AKA the second day of the new trimester. This in theory should of sent up some red flags but nope I trusted him to help me. And when I say he helped me. I actually just mean he was happy to sit back and let me do all the work. Because of this there wasn’t many differences between the script and the final film. I had a list of shots I wanted to get and he had a script to do the edit from. Due to time restraints the voice over had to be cut down .

The most difficult part of the creative process was simply organizing everything, and getting feedback from Sam. Sam wasn’t the best person to work with. He showed up to the auditions and to the shoot however all the other pre-production stuff was done by me. And even on the day of the shoot he turned up late. We had had troubles the day before because our actor dropped out last minute so we had to pull in some favors with friends. Aside from being late our shoot went surprisingly well and a thank you to the head of the science department at Ipswich grammar. For letting us film in your science labs. I get it people don’t always like doing pre-production stuff. But a little help would be nice not just “whatever your happy with,” and then when it comes to the edit and I have opinions they get completely ignored. I enjoy writing and it’s something I will often put my hand up to do and something I’ve done for years. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want feed back. In fact I hate it when people say this is great don’t change a thing. I know it’s not great I’m an ammeter for a reason give me feed back give me ideas of what to change and what to add how to change the story that little bit to fit the brief better. It the feed back I got back from Sam was “great, let’s do this”

As well as this the feedback we were given in class was ignored. I get it people are busy with both uni life and personal things but if you say you are going to do something please do it. There was obviously many problems during the creative process so it really didn’t turn out as well as it could of. When I say I had a list of shots, I had a hand written dot point list of things like “close-up of pages” “blood dripping” not the proper thought out shot list that I would much rather of had. I would of also liked to work with someone who actually helps and gets the job done and you don’t have to ask about it again and again before giving up and doing it yourself. And when they actually do the work they ignore your feedback and the feedback of our tutors. I may be coming across as a bitch but I was generally not happy with the level we achieved with this film.

Because of the lack of feed back from sam and time to re-work and change the script the original script I had written was essentially the script we shot from with a few minor tweaks here and there, regarding the voice over and the final edit.

I’m going to come across as biased. But the only strength of this process was the script. We didn’t have a shot list, we didn’t work well as a team we were basically working from a script and that was it. The lighting was difficult, the camera movement was basic, the audio was recorded straight to camera and the edit was nothing like I wanted it to be. The most plain and simple way to put this is the weaknesses were lack of communication and procrastination. Where as the script was a strength because everything was written out in front of us.

Due to the lack of all the other documents and lack of pure organisation our execution was pretty unprofessional. We picked a classroom set up lights, scattered a few beakers and papers around on the bench and gave our actor who was really just a friend of mine one short run through before we hit record. In saying this I guess the relaxed environment made Jordan feel more comfortable around us and the camera so does that become a strength when all I can see is weaknesses I don’t know but we really were a mess and had no or very little idea of shots we wanted before actually shooting which really did let us down in the final edit.

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