Tour Life. It’s weird and humbling and #allthefeels

We leave Fort Wayne early Monday morning. The last 4 days have been marking. As I enter into my 3rd week on the road, there is already so much I feel like I need to process. And we still have over a month left on this tour. It’s absolutely crazy. And humbling. And emotions I can’t quite peg just yet.

I feel like our four days in Fort Wayne were marking. The people here who hosted us, are beautiful, passionate, extraordinary people. Their faith, generosity and their love for their city is truly inspiring. On top of it all on our end, we are truly growing as a team. It feels like we’re hitting a sweet spot. I am really looking forward to seeing more of the south.

It’s late and I should probably elaborate, but here are some things that blow my mind. Every time I see someone cry during my set… Like I still have a hard time with wrapping my mind around it. Today, one of the organisers, Mel told me that her friend, who came to both shows this weekend, has been listening to my album and just crying every time she hears one of the songs. It moves me to tears to think that I have the privilege not only to create, not only to share what I’ve made with others, but to have it mark people. To have it touch hearts. It is beyond an honour, and one that I definitely don’t feel worthy of.

Another thing that hit me this week was after logging on to Instagram today, I noticed that two 6th graders that came on Friday to the show that I was able to chat with, had replied to a comment on my pic about how much they enjoyed it. This may seem silly, but it just hit me that this wasn’t family, my church, my friends from back home,(all of whom I’m SOOO thankful for) or some rando who followed the #Artist thread, or a spam bot, but kinda like… a fan…?

Like for real though?!

In the last 2 weeks, young girls have come up to me and shared their stories, asked for hugs, posed for pictures, gone home and followed me on IG, or sent me emails and Facebook messages as if I am someone important. It really is such a strange concept. It also feels like such a responsibility, even on the super small scale that I am experiencing it.

I don’t know much, but the days are blending together, the faces are imprinting themselves in my mind and the love we are encountering is marking my heart. I don’t know why I get to do this. But I pray I would walk in this well and that I would always be humbled and kinda weirded out that this is my life.

Tour life is weird.

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