An Overnight Success
The Mission

Congratulations! I have the same undergrad. I did it because it’s what I wanted to do, unafraid of a proletarian life, which would have been an upgrade from my ragamuffin childhood. Instead of being a full-fledged creative writer, I decided to use creativity in everything that I do to set me apart and to keep advancing myself (within the moral and ethical parameters, of course). Just like you, I focused (even when I was hungry). Creative Writing gave me tremendous aplomb in all facets of communication. Now, I am overwhelmingly busy helping build our self-funded multibillion dollar companies domestically and abroad, and I am most proud of launching my humanitarian foundation this year. My colleagues and friends looked at me askance, many years ago, for choosing Creative Writing. They all majored in business, and even pursued their graduate degree in business for career advancement, promotion, blah, blah, blah. They are not running businesses today; They are not ‘like a boss’. I am. My message is, just do what you love. When you are happy doing it, you will one day find success. And do recognize, happiness in itself is success. It is also my 1st day here on Medium, yay to me! My husband and I will need a ghost writer in the next 3 months (See, you were not a failure then and you are not a failure now). I do not see much spare time in my future, as I am on my next goal of adopting children to share this beautiful thing called life. Thank you Mr. Creative Writer!