Official GRACE Token Sale Bounty Campaign

BitcoinTalk announcement post: Grace — Donations Platform for Maximal Social Good

Community involvement is the foundation of Grace platform. We believe a wide adoption of Grace is essential to the effective functioning of the network, which in turn can serve as a platform to revolutionize charity fundraising.

Our goal is to make Grace an essential player in the world of charitable giving and nonprofits, by allowing charities of all sizes to leverage our network in their fundraising processes — such that even the many otherwise neglected but worthy causes can finally receive the exposure and donations they need.

By participating in a bounty campaign, you can become a part of the Grace project. Early adopters can get involved by participating in any, or all, of the bounty campaigns outlined in the following sections. We have set aside 2,400,000 GRCEs (2% of total supply) for various bounties, which would be distributed to the supporters after the token sale.

Here’s another reason to participate in the bounty campaigns: Even if you have no plan to keep your GRCE coins or utilize the network, you can always donate them to charity campaigns on Grace!

Resources and Assets

Bounty Campaign

How It Works

Each of the following campaigns is allocated a fixed number of GRCE tokens. For each of the specified actions, participants receive “stakes” which are points used to calculate the final amount of GRCE rewarded.

The reward amount is calculated by multiplying the total GRCE amount allocated to the campaign, by the proportion of the participant’s stakes to the total stakes in the campaign.

Consider the following example. A participant, Alice, accumulates 100 stakes in the Facebook bounty campaign by liking, commenting and sharing. If the total stakes by all participants in the Facebook campaign at the end of the token sale is 10,000 stakes, Alice receives 600,000 * 100 / (10,000) = 6,000 GRCE for her contribution in the Facebook campaign.

Any individual can participate in multiple campaigns at the same time, provided that they meet the campaign-specific requirements.

1. Forum Bounty: Reddit, BitcoinTalk — 20%


Apply here for Reddit:

Post or comment on Reddit about Grace to earn rewards. Upvotes on official Grace content is appreciated, but are not counted because it is too challenging to keep track.


Rewards are for upvotes received on content you generate on Reddit (i.e. post or comment). For every 1 upvote, 1 stake point is awarded.


  • Your account should be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or comment karma.
  • Please keep track of the links for the posts and comments so we may calculate the rewards fairly.

BitcoinTalk — Signatures and Avatar

Apply here for BitcoinTalk:

Signature Code:

Avatar Image:

Help us spread the word about Grace on BitcoinTalk and you will receive a stake every week! Simply add the signatures provided below to your BitcoinTalk profile.


  • Signature for Member and Jr. Member. 30 stakes per week.
  • Signature for Full member. 50 stakes per week.
  • Signature for Sr. Member, Hero or Legendary. 80 stakes per week.
  • Avatar for all members: 30 stakes per week.


  • You need to make at least 5 posts a week in order for bounties to count.
  • Spammers will be banned from the entire bounty program and will not receive any GRCE for the points they may have accumulated prior to the violation.

To ensure fairness, we manually and randomly check on the registered BitcoinTalk accounts for their signatures every week.

2. Translation and Forum Moderation — 15%

If our BitcoinTalk OP hasn’t been translated into your language yet, you are welcome to contribute with your own translation and earn some GRCE tokens in return. Please contact us on BitcoinTalk or to confirm and reserve your translation. There will be additional stakes for each post you get in the thread of your translation.


  • Translation: 100 stakes
  • Moderation: 5 stakes per post in your thread

By submitting your own translation you also get an invitation to our moderator’s internal Slack group, where we will help you answer any question for your local community.

3. Blog Posts/ Reddit Posts/ Videos — 15%


We’ll distribute 360,000 GRCE tokens for blog posts. Blog posts can be published anywhere on the internet and publicly accessible, and can be written in any language. YouTube video contents are included in this section.


All the blog posts/videos provided will be divided into three quality categories in order to reward those participants who invested the most effort into their blogs:

  • Basic = 10 stakes
  • Medium = 30 stakes
  • Extraordinary = 60 stakes


  • Length of 1000 characters or more without spaces (for blogs)
  • Contain at least 2 links to (for blogs)
  • Have unique content

4. Facebook — 25%


On the official Grace Facebook page, we will be posting blogs, news articles, and updates about Grace. Every like counts, so be sure to join in to get your share of our Facebook bounty.


  • Every post (text / image / video, link) like: 5 stakes
  • Comment (at least 30 characters per comment): 15 stakes
  • Public share of any post: 40 stakes (this must be the “share now” or “share to friends” function)


  • For your stakes to be valid, you must be subscribed to our Facebook page.
  • All shares must be public. Any invalid share (e.g. “private”, “single person”) will cause the participant to be flagged and the participant will not receive any bounty rewards.

This bounty program will close when either the Grace token launch has ended or the maximum amount has been reached.

5. Twitter — 25%


Never miss any of our updates! Follow us on Twitter for our latest insights and retweet our news to your group, friends and followers.


  • Follow us on Twitter: 20 stakes per week
  • For every retweet or mention, you will get:
  • 10 stakes for between 100 and 300 followers on your Twitter account
  • 30 stakes for between 301 and 999 followers on your Twitter account
  • 50 stakes for 1,000 or more followers on your Twitter account


  • Your most recent Twitter Audit must be above 60%.
  • The majority of your tweets’ engagement should be crypto-oriented.

Bounty Distribution

Participants in the bounty campaign earn stakes by carrying out each of the aforementioned actions. The number of GRCE tokens allocated to each category will be proportionally distributed among everyone participating in the bounties in that category, according to the stakes earned by the participant.

The total bounty pool to be distributed is 2,400,000 GRCE tokens. Neither the min/max sales target nor the amount in ETH raised from the crowdsale impact the bounty pool — the 2.4 million figure is fixed.

Following the crowdsale, all stakes data will be calculated, whereupon the winners and bounties will be officially announced. Participants will be asked to send their ETH wallet addresses ( to to claim their bounty.