I recently heard an interview with Jim Jarmusch in which he talked about how he considers himself an amateur filmmaker, even though he’s been making movies since the early 1980s. He explained that he looks back to the original Latin meaning of the word amateur, which is amare, or “to love.” Amator means “lover.” Being an amateur means loving your craft.

I’m in. I’ve been a UX designer for a number of years, and what Jarmusch said really clicked with me.

Heart and guts

Jarmusch spent most of the 1970s in New York City immersed in the emerging punk music scene, which was…

The march seen around the world

Two young protestors on the train home from the Women’s March in Philadelphia. January 21, 2017

Yesterday, an undeserving man was sworn into the most respected and most powerful office in the world.

That’s why today was the first day of a resistance. It makes sense that the resistance rose up from women.

Jonathan Richman & Tommy Larkins

A love letter

Hello Jonathan,

This morning, I watched a YouTube video of your performance of “Everyday Clothes” on Conan from the early nineties. Some of the comments on the video were as follows…

THANK YOU JONATHAN for 25 years of true passion for life, your music is one of the best things in my life…

literally changed my life

wonderful. takes me back to my teenage years.

The most romantic song of all time. I watch this every time I need a pick me up.

Reading these comments gave me a sense of community of such rarity that it must be…

I love NPR. On Morning Edition, every Friday, they air StoryCorps which are person-to-person interviews designed to make your heart fall out on the floor and openly sob.

The StoryCorps idea is so simple yet so powerful. Instead of having a show host ask prepared questions with perfect enunciation, you have two regular people with a shared history just sit and talk to each other. …

AWeber just launched our new mobile app, Curate. Why do I mention this in an article about metadata? Because Curate relies entirely on metadata to create beautiful, readable newsletters for our customers. Metadata is the life force behind Curate.

In the fall of 2015, AWeber’s mobile team faced a huge challenge: building an entirely new app from the ground up that our 100,000+ customers would want to use.

Though we had a path we wanted to go down, we didn’t have a clear idea of what the app should do. We were starting from scratch. Essentially, as a product team, this put us in the admittedly fun position of being a startup even though we existed inside an established company.

As a “startup,” our team was the perfect testing ground for a new way (well, new to us) to…

As of last fall, AWeber had two mobile apps: Atom and Stats.

We knew we wanted to go into 2016 working to deliver a new mobile app to our customers. We believed it should be in the realm of an email composer, since that is the heart of what AWeber does and was a missing element amongst our mobile apps.

We started throwing ideas against the wall. As a team, we kept circling back to some kind of basic composer concept; essentially a simpler version of the email editor our customers were using in the AWeber web app. Instead of…

Grace Stoeckle

UX designer and all-around product strategist in Philadelphia, PA. Motorcycle enthusiast. https://www.gracestoeckle.com/

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