Early Physical Therapy for Back Pain Reduces Later Medicare Costs

The director of Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, Dr. Grace Walker is an experienced occupational and physical therapist who offers a range of treatments. Dr. Grace Walker holds doctorates in both occupational therapy and physical therapy from the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals.

According to a recent study, patients who receive physical therapy for lower back pain later generate fewer Medicare costs and have better functionality than patients who opted for surgery or injection treatments. The Moran Company conducted an independent analysis of patients with lower back pain in the Medicare program and found that patients who received physical therapy had 19-percent fewer Medicare fees than patients who received injections and 75-percent fewer fees than patients who received surgery.

The study also showed that earlier intervention makes a difference. Patients who received physical therapy within 15 days of diagnosis required fewer later health services, including surgeries and injections.
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