I’m no designer… but I learn from everything.

Hi there, 🖐

First of all, I must say that usually I don’t design. ✍🎨

That’s mostly Ryan’s job (Our very own designer) 👋😂.

If I am designing, or should I say if I were to design, it’s probably going to be a strategy. Perhaps a mind map or a brainstorm. In fact I’m becoming quite fond of a new thing I’ve found, it’s called called question storming… 💭💭💭 but whatever it is, it will probably consist of little boxes of information, a kind of step by step format of you will. There’s also probably going to be a lot of arrows & dotted lines… Separating & directing I call it! ✍✍✍

Anyway… 🙄💭

The other day, I was feeling the creative pull 🖌🖌🖌 and decided to put some focus 💭💭💭 on one of my favorite pieces of sacred geometry! As you can see in the picture! 🙄🙄🙄

The flower of life. ❤️

Beautiful isn’t it?! 💭💭💭

Moving on… 🙄

As I was designing, ✍🖌 I began to understand something fundamental in branding. 💭💭

The tools that you use in designing anything on paper, for example measurement tools like compasses & rulers ect. Pens and pencils to add colour and life to the piece. They all have the same objective. The same mission. The same message. They also acquire you to have a certain level of skill to operate them. But it’s not all about skill… 🙄💭

I mean, sure they have their individual and unique qualities. However, they are driving towards the same goal which is, to best facilitate the designer in their mission to create. Right?! 🙄💭

Well, I personally believe the same goes for all of the tools in branding and marketing!

They all have their individual and unique qualities. But at the same time, they have a collective job to do! Which is, to facilitate the Brand-er in communicating the subject effectively, resourcefully & clearly to the customers both current and potential. As above so below. 🙄💭

Which made me think the following and I’ve began to say this to myself quite often!

🚨Use your tools. Even if you think that you’ve got this in the bag. 😂

🚨Use the blueprints. Thousands of people have tried to do something similar to you. Take a look at their strategy, method and technique.

Last BUT not least…

🚨Learn from other’s failures and successes. Learning from ONLY your own can be a time waster! So read a biography, watch a life story, read an article about someone’s current situation and put yourself in their shoes. 🚨

So, yeah… 🙄💭

I hope you like my “flower of life” 😂

It’s funny what you think of when your drawing. Isn’t it?! 😂

Thanks for reading!


Graeme 👤

Co-founder & Brand Strategist