Easy Mediterranean Dishes

Mediterranean food is extremely diverse and refers to cuisine from places that surround the Mediterranean sea. This includes food from Greece, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, and more. The food is prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients rich in lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and other healthy food.


Mediterranean breakfast foods are not what usually comes to mind when you think about the morning meal. It’s usually just a sampling of food that you would eat throughout the day. Typically the meal is quick and light. For example in Turkey people often have a bowl of soup for breakfast and in Syria you might eat tahini yogurt with chickpeas, pickles and radishes.

Here are some recipes to try:

Mediterranean Breakfast Couscous— Ingredients need are: low-fat milk, cinnamon stick, uncooked whole-wheat couscous, dried apricots, dried currants, brown sugar, salt, and butter.

Mediterranean Frittata

Ingredients needed are: onion, garlic, olive oil, eggs, light cream, feta cheese, roasted sweet red peppers, olives, basil, pepper, croutons, and parmesan cheese.

Directions: First cook onion and garlic in a skillet. Then beat eggs in a bowl and stir in feta cheese, peppers, olive, and black pepper. After that, pour the mixture over the onions in the skillet and cook over medium heat. Cook until the mixture is almost set.


Courgette & quinoa-stuffed peppers — this low calorie and low fat dinner only requires 5 ingredients : pepper, courgette, quinoa, feta cheese, and parsley. It is easy to make as well as filling.

Salmon with Warm Tomato-Olive Salad — Ingredients needed are: olive oil, red wine vinegar, honey, red pepper, salt, salmon fillets, garlic, olives, tomatoes, celery, and mint.

Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Brussel Sprouts — whole wheat fettuccine, olive oil, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, garlic, milk, flour, salt, pepper, and asiago cheese.

These are all great fast and easy recipes for lunch or dinner. Mediterranean food is very diverse ad features a lot of lean protein, fish, and fresh veggies.


Apricot Walnut Baklava — Baklava is a dessert made with phyllo dough, nuts, butter, and sugar popular in Greece. Ingredients needed are: apricots, walnuts, sugar, vanilla, margarine, and phyllo dough.

Mediterranean food encompasses many different cultures and incorporates fresh ingredients. There are many other recipes and foods out there. Here are just a few easy recipes to get your mediterranean food craving satisfied or try new types of food.

Originally published at www.graftondoyle.info on February 21, 2017.