Post Audition Checklist

After preparing and then finally auditioning for the role you desire it might seem like you are done and all you have to do is wait for a callback, however there are actually many steps you should be taking to help improve yourself and prepare for your next audition as well as express gratitude for the opportunity.

Asses How You Did

After an audition, take a step back and check in with yourself how you did. Write down what you did well and what you wish you could’ve done better so that you can take away learning experiences and improve for your next audition. You should keep a record of all your auditions and record what you did well and what you hope to improve on your next audition. You should do this immediately afterwards so that it is fresh in your mind.

Send A Thank You Note

Following up after an audition with a simple thank you note, like a handwritten letter or email, is a simple way to create a good relationship with casting directors as well as keep you on their minds. Keep it simple in the letter, and just thank them for their time and the opportunity. They will be turned off if you ask for feedback, a quote, or a deadline right after the audition. A thank you note is a nice way to help them remember you because even if you don’t get the job this time, they’ll remember you at the next audition and you can create a nice repertoire with them.

Be Prepared To Wait

Once you audition it is important to set your expectations. There’s a very slim chance that you will ever be getting a call the next day that you got the part. Don’t wait by your phone or constantly check your email every 5 seconds to see if you received an update. In addition, you won’t always get a call back or an email.

Let It Go

Like I said before, don’t wait around hoping you’ll get this part. You will go on many auditions before you land a part, and after that part is done, you will go on a million more. You can’t wait around and constantly think of the audition or the part. You have to let it go and move on to the next audition. If you get a call back, great! If you don’t, that can also be great because it leaves you free to go audition for more parts that might be better suited towards your acting goals.

Originally published at on July 26, 2017.