How Exclusive Jetz and Corporate Angel Network Help Cancer Patients

Graham Casson serves as the president and CEO of Exclusive Jetz, an aircraft management and consulting company based in Reston, Virginia. Graham Casson and Exclusive Jetz support Corporate Angel Network, donating free air travel aboard private jets to cancer patients.

Corporate Angel Network is the United States’ only charity with the sole purpose of helping cancer patients gain access to treatment through free travel on corporate jets. Its goal is both to improve patients’ chances of survival and provide emotional, financial, and physical relief.

Founded in 1981, Corporate Angel Network coordinates over 2,500 flights annually. Since then, it has arranged more than 50,000 total flights. Now, roughly 500 corporations throughout the country participate, including many Fortune 500 companies.

The program is open to all cancer patients, as well as bone marrow donors and recipients. Eligibility is not based on financial need; rather, the program caters to any patient traveling for a qualified medical condition to a recognized treatment center.

To learn more about Corporate Angel Network, visit

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