America, please wake up…

This is my first post on here so I thought I would start with something has began to worry me recently.

It’s not something local me here in Bristol (England), it’s something that has far reaching consequences possible to the entire world. It something that I feel could define a nation, and not in a good way, I'm worry about Donald Trump!

I can understand that Americans are disillusions by politicians and their lies; it’s something that we have to deal with here in the UK as well, and you’re looking for a real change. You’re looking for someone that you can trust and will that will keep you safe, but from what I’ve seen and know about Donald Trump he will do none of these.

Trumps main pledges are ‘to make America great again’, but he’s never explained how; and “to build a wall along the Mexican border and make the Mexican pay for it”, something I can’t imagine they will ever do! This is just pure rubbish, was he drunk when he thought of these? How can someone be electable without any policies!

When I see him on TV I see a side of America that scares me, I see everything about America that is wrong and should be in the past, and what frightens me more is that so many people are taken in by it.

If you looking for a change find someone you really can trust, find someone who really cares about America and has some real policies, someone and will give America a future, not Trump.

So please, think, and then think again about Trump!