These Vintage Ads Illustrate Why the World Needs Feminism
Ashley Lauren Dickinson

Okay, I’m going to give my honest opinion here, as a man, so some of you may say that I have no right to this opinion.

Some of those older ads are absolutely DISGUSTING! Any ads that imply (or downright SAY) that women are only good for being wifes and mothers, and that wifes are only good for cooking, cleaning, making babies, and pleasing their men, are disgusting.

The car ads, implying that women can’t drive, are dangerous, but mildly amusing, because they play on a common stereotype of women drivers… which is still common enough today, but which nobody actually BELIEVES anymore — although scary to imagine that thy probably DID actually believe it in those days.

But many of the newer ads play on the idea that men are incapable of doing anything without a woman’s help, or that men will buy anything being sold with the help of a beautiful women (especially a naked one). THOSE are fine; I see nothing wrong with those at all.

I don’t think they’re demeaning to women in any way; they just show that men are sex-obsessed idiots without enough blood to run both their heads at the same time… which as a man, I can tell you, is true enough, most of the time!