Launching a startup in Cork
Joe Lennon

Great piece Joe – we will link this to our own webpage and thank you for the mention!

I found this article written by Michael McLoughlin in March, it gives a fairly comprehensive overview of funding options in Ireland and with the added bonus of a ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ analysis! A handy one pager to send to someone looking to set up in Ireland;

As a new company our team tries to attend one or two ‘events’ a month and aim for ones after 6pm if possible. Networking is great for getting new ideas (and forcing your head up from your desk) but can be disruptive to the working week. We put the head down for 8 months to work on the business before we engaged in social media/promotions/networking. Nevertheless, taking a step back from your work and getting outside perspectives is needed for the mind & often to re-focus.

Let me know if you and your team would ever like a tour of the Ludgate Hub we are happy to arrange – looking forward to following your journey and thanks for sharing your story at BuiltinCork!

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