Trump Says Being President Is “Too Hard” And That “People Are Really Mean To Me”
Allan Ishac

For me?

I’m more than a little tired of the whining.

I’m very bored with the blame Obama game, and now Bush.

I’d like to move away from the campaign and move on to the big boy business he says he is capable of…I’d like some proof.

Actually, I’d like to see our congress do their job and I’d like ALL of congress and senate to remember…YES! YOU DO WORK FOR US AND YES! WE DID HIRE YOU.

I’d like them to remember part of their job is to keep the president the to the constitution, not help him rewrite it to suit HIS very scary needs.

I know…I ask a lot out of the highest level of government…but you’d think we’d all be able to agree pissing off N. Korea really isn’t very smart.

And the last thing I’d like to remind the congress is it is their job to start the necessary steps to impeach a sitting president when the mental capacity of said president is in question, when their ability to carry out the duties of the office is in question and certainly when the honesty and trustworthiness are in question…not to mention the glaring conflict of interests that grow daily.

The fact family members have clearance never before given, jobs never before heard of and conflicts of interests of their very own to answer for….

Yes…I only ask all the elected officials in office today do the job they promised to do…nothing more…

…well that and a new president…

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