I feel threatened by Christianity

I think you are supposed to, its the only way to keep control.

This weekend I went to the First Communion of my 4th granddaughter, the other three went before her and she wore something from all other previous three’s celebration, her idea…so she will feel special and know all of the others were there with her…they really were but she wanted her own kind of proof…shes 8…it explains a lot….

I went knowing someone was going to say something about how nice to know they can always count on seeing me when something is happening for the young ones at church…and only then…they didn’t let me down.

They were trying to intimidate and humiliate me into coming to church, I just love it when the door is opened and stupidly left open.

I am not one to walk away from open doors, I didn’t Saturday evening either…I used it to make clear my stand…it wasn’t received well but it really felt great to tell them that no man ever was abel to control me on this earth what in the world made them think some grandios ideal of theirs…not mine…would make me feel they had any control over any day of any week of mine….Sundays did not have a commitment for me. No book written by men telling me I did because they could because a fictious figure they call god allow them to do so…the books of men telling all women to cowar to their strength, they are subservient to a male and are required to sooth their every need….yeah, no…the bible is not a book I care to own or have in my home…I reminded them they either didn’t know me at all or they were dumb enough to think I cared what they thought of me and drove home for them…I don’t…

After that my oldest grand daughter came to me and thanked me for saying what I did because she is having a very hard time saying how she felt but my words did the job…

I do not believe in god. Neither does she.

If someone has a problem with that I suggest you look inside yourself and see what it is that makes you so weak that a book written by men who “say” god told them to without proof.

…who needs a reality check?….

Me?….well I know to live for me, not allow any one tell me I am not worthy….

I am. I don’t need a book written by a bunch of control hungry men to tell me…I know I am…

I think people who need a reminder each week to be good humans are the problem…the people who use that book to belittle and control….

yep…I will go to 4 conformations, 4 weddings, and when I die, they know better than to ever bring me to a place like that to say good by…they wouldn’t dare….at my age 8 more hours in a church is about all I can stomach.

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