I didn’t say that the IRS didn’t go after conservative groups.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Victoria I have found that having to explain the truth to trumpeets is tiresome and worthless becasue they believe what helps them sleep at night…

they NEED to believe he is going to help them because tomorrow, if he doesn’t; they can’t eat…and next week…they are going to loose their home because they don’t have a job that pay the bills and the new taxes they are going to have to pay to make sure trump and his cornies don’t…well that’s gonna get their car repossessed…and still…they can not find a way to swallow…

…the truth…oh they gobble the lies he spews…its the truth they don’t want to hear because it might mean they f’ed up placing their vote….

so instead the cover themselves in the sheets they stole from their beds and storm the night holding their torches of hate….welcoming their like to trump land…

I wonder…how’s that workin’ for them….

happy yet trumpsters….?….

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