Olli Olli review: Never got board of this game. It’s flipping great!

I have absolutely no interest in skateboarding, hell I can’t even balance properly on a bicycle. I could only finger skate with those little finger boards. For many years, we have been given skateboarding games likeSkate or Die and the critically acclaimed Tony Hawks series. Tony Hawkswas widely accessible and got more people into skateboarding. The last skateboarding game I played was Tony Hawks 2 on the original PlayStation as an early teenager. This review will be covering the PS4 version of OlliOllli. Let’s skate!

The first thing you will notice is how colourful and vivid OlliOlli looks in comparison to the more serious skateboarding games on the market. The art style, coupled with a wide selection of crazy skateboarding tricks makes this game a pleasure to look at.

The game controls are simple for anyone to grasp. Hold the analog stick up, right, down or left and release to pull off a fancy skateboarding trick. Whilst you are in the air, you will need to press the X button the second you land on the ground or a rail. If you miss, you either fall off your skateboard or stumble (which breaks your combo streak)

OlliOlli is also an incredibly accessible game to pick up and play. The aim of the game is to jump, flip and grind from the far left of the stage to the far right where you will be welcomed by a crowd of devoted fans cheering you on. But make no mistake, this game is brutal. Each level will present you with 5 challenges. These challenges range from getting a certain score to collecting an x amount of a certain item in one run. Once all challenges have been completed for one level, you will unlock a “pro” version of that level. These Pro levels are 100x harder and they will make you smash your controller against the wall.

To the dedicated OlliOlli players, if you manage to beat every stage and challenge, you will unlock the fiendishly difficult RAD mode, a mode that will make your palms sweat and your blood boil. RAD mode is ironically pretty UNRAD for the average gamer who loves to rage-quit. Every jump, landing, grind and trick you pull off must be perfect rank. One slip-up and you will end up back at the beginning, no second chances. Memorisation of every grind, ramp and obstacle is absolute key here.

OlliOlli also has a ranking system that displays a list of all the OlliOlli players who took part in earning a high score for that particular level. There is also a “Daily Grind” event that occurs every 24 hours. You have only once chance to rack up a high score on a randomly generated stage. These two modes will keep the score-centric gamers happy.

Overall, despite my lack of interest in skateboarding in general, OlliOlli is a game that everyone should try. OlliOlli may be incredibly frustrating but you will be rewarding for your patience and determination with the sounds of people cheering upon your arrival and an overwhelming sense of relief. OlliOlli is also a really fun game that has kept me engaged from the moment I took off on my skateboard to the final landing. A must play for everyone.

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