Things to consider while making an off-road trip.

Jack Williams
Apr 19 · 4 min read

What is off-roading?

Let’s Jump at the Basics

For adventurous peeps, the rougher the road the better the experience. Off-roading is a term used to describe driving on unpaved ground. The surface is almost anything other than typical smooth pavement, that includes fields, riverbeds, muddy bogs, sand dunes, beaches, boulders, gravel and as well as roads that have fallen into despair. Off-roading is a great way to combine the true emotions of modifying vehicles with a love of adventure. It can be done in a variety of way that includes terrains, but it also requires a special vehicle.

Depending on the type of off-road you are into, the type of vehicle and its modifications will need to be considered. To understand it in depth, take for example the same tires that are used to drive over steep sand dunes are not going to be great for traversing boulders. The best thing about off-roading is that you get to grasp on new vocabulary. New vocabulary in terms of:

- Are you into mudding?

- Rock crawling

- Dune bashing

- Green Laning

- Knowing about the break-over angle on your car

- Having an understanding of how to pick a good line.

Before you get your hands on off-roading, get yourself familiar with three different types of angles on your car. Which are:

1. The approach angle

- The maximum angle that a hill can have and the front of your car can still clear.

2. The departure angle

- Same principle, but referring to the rear bumper and wheels on your car.

3. The break-over angle

- While coming down, know how much clearance you have in your car’s midsection, so it does not scrape the rock. The angle between your tires and the middle of your car’s underside is what this sort of angle is all about.

Knowing about these angles is going to help and guide you, keeping you away from dreadful scraping on rocks and other different obstacles or getting stuck.

Types of vehicles made for off-road trips

The more you know, the better.

Going off-road and knowing nothing about your vehicles, is a shame. The best out of all the other is the new pickups and SUVs that combine long-travel suspension with luxurious interiors. Given below are few of those known vehicles putting out more than 500 horsepower.

1. Jeep Gladiator

2. GMC Sierra AT4

3. Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

4. Hennessey Goliath 6 X 6

5. Mercedes Benz G550

Types of off-roading:

1. Dune Bashing

2. Off-road racing

- Desert racing

- Rock Racing

3. Cross-country

4. Raid

5. Green Laning

6. Mudding

7. Rock Crawling

8. Three traditional forms of off-road trailing

- RTV trailing

- CCV trailing

- Punch and Wine Challenge.

Off-road vehicle modifications:

1. Vehicle Lifts

- When the vehicle is raised to increase the amount of clearance between the ground and the bottom of the body.

2. Body Lifts

- Suitable only on body-on-frame design, that is found in few pickup trucks and some SUVs.

3. Suspension Lifts

- Modification to vehicle’s suspension system that includes lengthening coil springs or re-arching leaf springs.

4. Block lift

- A modification that is similar to a body lift in the way it works, but used in a different location.

5. Shackle Lift

- It is designed to lift the vehicle in order to provide more room to fit larger tires.

6. Large Tires

- These tires are necessary to make modifications to a vehicle’s suspension or body depending on the size of the tires to be installed.

7. Axle (clearance) lift

- A type of axles with the axle line wheel centre allowing an increase in the ground clearance at differential cases without any correspondence.

Things to keep in mind before or while an off-road trip:

- Check the tires

- Check the basics

- Ball Joints

- Shocks

- Plan the trip safe/inform others

- Check with the weather

- GPS navigating

- Top of the gas

- Jumper cables

- Tool kit

- First aid

- Flashlight

- Lights and markers

Off-road driving is an incredibly rewarding experience, that allows you to get to some seriously remote places but is populous than the norm. It is also tremendous fun and a bit of a challenge, to have yourself enjoy this adventurous trip. It’s a thrill especially when you are aware of how to get things right. If you want to make sure if your vehicle is up to the task, you will need to contact your mechanic for an inspection to get more information about the usage of the system.

Get yourself all ready for this sort of an Off-road Vehicle Adventure trip, but also keep in mind about the useful tips and task that you will need to come across and adapt to have a safe ride.

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