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Yehudit Mam
Jul 28 · 4 min read
Akwafina and the cast of The Farewell
Adam Driver and John David Washington
Olivia Colman
Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdam, and Alessandro Nivola
Part of the cast of The Insult
Brady Jandreau and friend
The Notorious RBG
Eddie Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran, but not necessarily in this order
Billy Howle and Saoirse Ronan
Jared Abrahamson, Evan Peters, Blake Jenner, and Barry Keoghan
Thomasin McKenzie and Ben Foster
Boluwatife Treasure Bankole and Zain Al Rafeaa
Charlize Theron
Yehudit Mam

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A Jewish Aztec Princess with strong opinions about film, food, and human foibles. Cofounder of

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