Netflix and Movie theaters

Do you enjoy watching a movie on a monster screen with some chair shaking sounds, or are you more of the sit at home and be cozy types? Today movie theaters are trying to come up with new ways to keep attracting customers. In the past, the only way you could see the latest movie was to drive to the theater and pay for a ticket, now people are able to pay a fee monthly and have a wide range of options to choose from. Theaters today have a competition that they may not be able to beat.

In an article written by Josh Dickey he talks about how movie theaters are coming to an end. “The magic of the movies has been, is, and always will be exclusive content.”, Theaters were always the only place to see previews for upcoming movies and shows that would be out soon. Today people and view upcoming movies just by who they chose to stream the movie with, Netflix even has movies that are only available if you have a Netflix membership. The things that keep people going to the movies is the experience that you get when you go, but that isn’t enough to keep ticket sales at a steady average.

Although large ticket sales have been uplifting for the owners of theaters, they also know about the newest technology and that customers are now more likely to see a movie at home on their flat screen than to go to a theater and see it there. Bryan Bishop wrote an article talking about how the movie business has been in denial about what is happening in their industry. “…while ticket prices have largely masked the problem, attendance simply isn’t growing, with the exponential uptick in internet usage and other activities serving as likely culprits.” Internet websites that provide movies for customers or members are becoming the new way to enjoy the latest movies. Another problem is that these movies websites are cutting the time it takes to get the newest movies onto their sites making it harder for theaters to keep the advantage of time.

In an article by Mike Mcgranaghan he lists out ten reasons why movie theaters are still a great place to see a movie. One reason Mcgranaghan lists is “Moviegoing is magic”, here he explains more about why going to the movies is such a good experience. “At a theater, you block out all the outside distractions and simply sit. Watching a movie uninterrupted allows you to be more fully transported into its world.”. The movies make you sit there and actually watch the movie, at home you can pause it or other chores while it plays in the background and you never get the full effect of the movie. Also, you never can have the full experience of a room filled with 50 people all enjoying the same thing you are in your home.

This is one thing that Courtney Cheshire talks about in her article of why movie theaters are still a great experience. “Seeing a movie with a good crowd makes it an immersive experience.”, going to the theater and getting a seat in a room full of a bunch of likeminded people all there to enjoy the movie. It’s even more exciting when all the other people in the theater are feeling the same way as you after a scene and you can feel everyone has the same thought as you.

I agree with Josh Dickey and Bryan Bishop, who say that the end is near for theaters. Today people are more likely to watch movies on their phones or laptops or on their TVs at home. Theaters do have that special experience of the surround sound and great visuals. This isn’t enough to keep them in business and hopefully we can find a happy middle ground for both platforms.

The way they would argue their point against the opposing view would be to show them the facts and show that people are watching movies on what they see fit, not always on the big screen. Movie theaters are a great place to watch movies but let’s be honest, they are only used when big movies come out and they have premiers, or for those teen sweethearts who want a place to chill together.

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Movie theaters are going out of business but the experience is still like non-other. Hopefully in the coming future these two businesses can figure out a way to keep the experience of movies alive while also providing affordable tickets for the viewers. Online movie websites are an easy way for people to get movies but they give up the opportunity to have the movie experience.

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