Nathan Pack facing felony domestic violence charge after arrest

Written by Devin Perez, News Director for Grant County News

Editors Note: Nathan Pack purchased Grant County News in December of 2018. Despite the new ownership, editorial content will not be affected.

MOSES LAKE — Nathan Pack, co-owner of Pack’s Taxi and Delivery, is facing a felony charge of unlawful imprisonment after an alleged dispute with his wife. Pack was arrested on January 1 after being taken into custody at 10:15am by Moses Lake Police.

The alleged dispute occurred at the Pack residence when Moses Lake Police responded to a report of verbal domestic violence.

Grant County News has filed a public disclosure request with the Moses Lake Police Department to obtain the police report. The information below is via iFIBER One News.

According to police, Nathan Pack allegedly prevented his wife from leaving their bedroom during an argument over whether their children would stay in the residence.

Nathan was detained by Moses Lake Police and was later booked into the Grant County Jail without bail at 10:15 AM, according to a document obtained by Grant County News.

“The report stated that police were called to Packs home, for a report of a domestic dispute on the morning of January 1st, Pack’s mother-in-law called 911.

Pack’s wife told police she and Pack were arguing in the bedroom. Pack’s wife told police that Pack became verbally aggressive and she was trying to leave.Police say Pack blocked his wife from leaving the bedroom.

When officers arrived, Pack’s wife was contacted outside the home in her vehicle.

Judge John Antosz has “barely” found probable cause but requested more information from the Moses Lake Police Department, including how long Pack allegedly held his wife in the bedroom.

Pack’s arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 14. Under Washington state law, unlawful imprisonment is classified as a class C felony. An offense that is punishable by up to 5 years in a state prison or by a fine of up to $10,000 or by a combination of the two sentences.

In addition to being a business owner, Pack also ran for political seats on the Grant County Commission Board and Moses Lake City Council in which he lost both.

Grant County News reached out to Nathan Pack, who purchased Grant County News in December. We were given this statement:

Judge John Antosz said “by the slimmest of Margins I do find probable cause, I may very well wake up tomorrow morning and regret my decision.”
“I’d like to let the Public know, I never requested a Public defender, one was automatically appointed to me”

Stacie Pack, wife of Nathan Pack, issued a statement to Grant County News Monday afternoon.

“I love my husband. Like married couples do, we had a fight. I said and did things that I regret. It wasn’t an emergency, he wasn’t hurting me nor would he ever. Anyone who ACTUALLY knows Nathan, knows that to be true. When the officer approached me, He asked me what happened and in my emotional state, I could only see the things that I thought he had done wrong. When the officer informed me that they were going to arrest Nathan, I begged them not to and told them that was not necessary. The officer told me that they had no choice. On January 2nd, I met with the Mary, the Victims Coordinator for Grant County and called the prosecutors office to ensure that the No Contact order was NOT filed. With a little privacy from our fellow community the whole situation is a mistake that we will learn from, move forward and begin to heal.”

Grant County News reached out to the Grant County public defender’s office to find out why Pack was assigned a public defender. The office responded by saying:

“All persons charged with a crime are assigned a public defender for the probable cause hearing.”

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