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Here’s the scenario:

If you found yourself in this scenario like me, keep reading!

Step One: Project Prerequisites

Ensure you have the following extension installed to enable Ruby debugging:

Next, you’ll need to add the following gems to your projects Gemfile:

The debase(or byebug ) gem is your actual debugger to be used, while theruby-debug-ide gem acts as a messenger between visual studio code and the…

Here’s the scenario:

To give an example of the second point, here’s an example model group.rb and it’s related admin concern concerns/moderate/group_config.rb

This configuration works as intended, however any subsequent changes to GroupConfig will require the server to be restarted. …

I just spent longer than I’d like to admit figuring out how to debug failing Minitest tests with Visual Studio Code; I’m hoping you find this article at the top of your search so as to not suffer my same fate.

Note: You may find yourself needing to reload VSCode at points during the configuration step. If things don’t seem to be working try reloading first.

Step One: Install Dependencies

Make sure you have the Ruby extension installed in VS-Code, which adds debugging support for the language. Afterwards you’ll need two gems:

Looking back on the last 5 months, it’s sort of crazy how a small little thought about getting texted weather alerts grew into what now I have coined SMSforecast. Less than a year ago I considered myself anything but a web developer:

Full stack development? What am I? A masochist?

Things sort of just grow on you I guess. I’d like to say once I had my idea for my website all the puzzle pieces just fell into place, but I’d say a better analogy is I used a hydraulic press to force all the puzzle pieces into some square…

I ran into this mystifying issue a couple days ago and felt more people should know how to fix this instead of sinking a good hour into looking around and trying to debug. Below I will set the stage for how to reproduce this issue, if you’re just looking for the solution, skip right down to the bottom!

Lets say you have a simple scenario:

The NPM spaghetti manager strikes again. If you’re reading this in hopes of fixing this error, you’ve come to the right place.

A couple days ago I attempted to update a lot of my site dependencies, and ran into a plethora of errors (as expected). One such confusing error I ran into was whenever I tried to build for production, webpack failed with:

ERROR in   Error: Child compilation failed:
Module parse failed: [...]/node_modules/html-webpack-plugin/lib/loader.js! [...]/node_modules/html-webpack-plugin/default_index.ejs Unexpected token (1:0)
You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
| <!DOCTYPE html>
| <html>
| <head>:

which was quite weird, I…

The first weather alert service of it’s kind

SMSforecast is now accepting applicants who would like to test our product in their everyday life. As a beta tester, you’ll provide feedback on our service as you use it and in exchange be given free access to SMSforecast upon it’s release.

But what’s SMSforecast?

SMSforecast is a service designed to automate weather checking and alert you when certain conditions you set are fulfilled. Our service checks the weather for you every hour, every day, all year long and keeps you up to date on weather you want to watch. …


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