Building a SaaS Product

I’m finally doing it, i’ve started to work on creating a SaaS startup as a side project. I’m going to try and blog about my success and failures and I encourage others to do the same, maybe it’ll teach people not to make the same mistakes or how to bring about the same success.


Well I’ve always fancied having my own business and reading posts from the likes of Pieter Levels and Clifford Oravec has really motivated me to give it a try.


I’ve been collecting information and teaching myself about building products while being a software developer for the past few years, I’m not going to put what i’ve learned to use.

Current Status

At the moment my main goal is to find a good guess, to solve a problem. I’ve got a couple of areas that I think my potential product could be in and i’ll keep this blog updated with what those products are once I take them through some validation. Once I have validate my ideas i’ll post another update detailing what i’ve found

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