How to Validate Ideas in Trello

If you’re a product maker then you’ll probably have a stockpile of ideas that you’re currently working on and trying to perfect in order to turn into a business and then profit from that business, if you don’t have any ideas yet check out my article on building an idea pool in trello.

It’s important to validate your ideas because if you’re starting a business you’re ultimately doing it to make money so you want to start with an idea that has the potential to make money (BONUS: you’ll also end up with a potential audience to contact)

20 Places

So the basic idea and the first thing you’ll need to do is find twenty places, these aren’t just any old places, they’re places your projected user could be hanging out, for example lets assume we’re doing this for an Analytics company, we’re going to start an analytics company and we need to begin validating the idea.

Image showing 20 Analytics examples

200 People

Alright! So you’ve done phase one, you’ve got your 20 places, now you’re going to go to each of those places and collect some details on 200 users that could be your potential user, try to get 10 users from each location if possible. create a card for each person and record their name, social media account links and an email if you can get one.

200 people omitted for data protection reasons, you get the idea

Time to start cold contacting

Sadly this is the point in the article where we leave trello. Now it’s time to get into the trenches and start cold contacting people to try and see if they’re interested in our product, the important thing here is not to be spammy! try and come across as a genuine human that is either trying to ask them questions about a problem they could have (If your product solves a problem that is) or as someone who is trying to show them something of value to them. This part will be brutal, a lot of people won’t even reply to you, but if you’re getting people interested in your product then you can count your product almost validated!

It’s not valid till it’s sold

Right? It’s not valid until you’ve made a sale, until you’ve sold the product, until you’ve got a customer. Well now you’ve got the almost validated feel that you need to go and build an MVP, once you’ve build the MVP reengage with your new audience you just created and let them try it out, if they like it, good convert them to paying customers and proceed to launching, if they didn’t like it and wouldn’t pay for it find out why, if they did like it and wouldn’t pay for it find out why. If it just didn’t work at all, scrap the product and start the whole process again with a new idea.