It’s Hard to Think of Ideas

I hear people often say that it’s hard to think of good ideas, that you need an amazing and original idea to make something for yourself, you need an amazing never-been-done-before idea.

You don’t.

I’ll admit that it’s hard to find a really good idea but it’s not as hard as everyone thinks it is.

Your idea doesn’t even necessarily have to be unique, there just has to be a large enough market share for you in it.

If you’re the type of person that gets hit randomly with an idea and then rushes to your phone/laptop/device to check if anyone else has thought of this idea and then gets deflated and demotivated when you find out that there are in fact between one and several people already doing your idea, you need to stop.

There are two things wrong with the above statement,

  1. You need to stop waiting for ideas to hit you, brainstorming ideas is more efficient and it will lead to a lot more ideas in a shorter amount of time, they may not all be great ideas but you’ll get better at it as time goes on.
  2. You need to stop becoming demotivated when someone is already doing your thing — for all you know the market could be large enough to support all of you, for all you know they could all have terrible products, for all you know they could all be terrible at marketing their product and thus have no users, for all you know they could be close to the problem but not actually solving it. You get my point, investigate a bit before you suddenly abandon the idea.

Lastly, if you’re really struggling to find ideas and you just can’t handle another brainstorming session, you can’t face it anymore then I think you need to reframe what you’re looking for. Stop looking for an idea and start looking for a problem, once you find the problem then you can solve that.

People hate problems.

If you solve something that’s painful for someone in their life you’re a lot closer to them throwing money at you to get it.

But now you’re probably thinking, “I can’t find any problems either”

Well, if you really can’t think of any problems either, then get out there and experience some.

Start a different business, that technology company you always wanted… It’ll show you some problems. You’ll find problems in your day to day work that you can then solve if your company isn’t going so well. Don’t be discouraged by the fact your company could fail, failure is a part of life and the best way to learn.

Explore the world and see other peoples problems, try your hand at being a digital nomad and traveling the world, experiencing different cultures but also keeping your ear to the ground for any problems in your day to day life or in other peoples.

Ask people about their problems, ask people about their work life, what do they find hard day to day?

If you do all of these things and write down every idea/problem you come across, you’ll have a document filled with them.