You Can’t Build a Tech Company without Tech People

I recently had a discussion with a few people who had an idea for a business, they wanted to build a company around a mobile application, but wait there’s a hitch; None of them have any technical knowledge or experience.

I’m personally of the opinion that you cannot build a tech company without tech people. I’ll admit you can probably get away with out sourcing a small scale project, but if you’re looking to build a company that’s the size of Uber you cannot out source your technology and expect to be handed a business back at the end of the contract. If no one in your company has any idea about technology how can you even judge what you’ve been given is quality work and fit for purpose? short answer, you can’t.

What should You be doing?

I know what you’re thinking, “So what am I mean’t to do then?” I’d say a better investment of the money that would be spent on out sourcing the product would be to hire a CTO, hire the best CTO that you can afford to hire.

This does a couple of things:

  1. It gives you someones opinion you can trust. They aren’t a temporary consultant, they aren’t the head of an agency; They’re your employee and because of this there is less chance of there being any agenda.
  2. It gives you someone who can start building a product to get the ball rolling

To expand on that second point, i’m of the opinion that usually the best way to build something is to create something small and simple then iterate and add to it, this gives you a couple of benefits, you have an MVP that can prove a concept (or show that it’s a down and out failure before you spend loads of money on it) and possibly even secure some more investment. Don’t all of those things sound good?

It doesn’t stop there

Now let your CTO expand your team, even let your CTO take ownership of the product if you want. You’ve just invested in your team and are prepared for the long haul, Maybe then you’ll be a bit closer to building the next whatever.