🍇 GrapeDAO 🍇 Tokenomics and RoadMap.

gStaking 1.0

gStake 1.0 offers a pool where you can get $GRAPE or $sGRAPE. From above, the first pool will reward the prize in $GRAPE, and the next pool will reward the prize in $sGRAPE. The name of each pool tells you what you need to bet to get the $GRAPE or $sGRAPE from each respective batch.


Keeping it short, this post aims to explain the Tokenomics of our $GRAPE token

GrapeDAO (GRAPE) detail information:

  • Token name: GrapeDAO
  • Ticker: GRAPE
  • Decimal: 9
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Grape Roadmap

📅Q1 2021

🔍Audits for our Smart contracts

👩‍🌾New pools which will require the use of $GRAPE to farm a secondary token (name secret for now) which can be used to mint and redeem NFTs. This secondary token will also play a big role in our full service NFT platform.

🎨NFT Farming DaPP

Credits to Meme token for the NFT farming concept

  • Redeem farmed secondary tokens to mint and obtain limited edition NFTs
  • Grape Original NFT 01 and beyond will be available through this means
  • Collaboration with various artists to expand our line of original Grape NFTs.

🤝Partnerships with other projects (additional GRAPE pools and utility)

📰Articles and development updates regarding our unique NFT platform (Without revealing too many secrets before release)

📅Q2 2021

🔍Audits for our NFT Platform contracts

🥳Full service Grape NFT Platform release

  • Unique design and innovative concepts which we believe will elevate the NFT space to new heights
  • Fees earned by the platform will add liquidity to Grape on Pancake Swap, creating positive price movement
  • Utility for the secondary token

📺Marketing campaign for the Grape NFT Platform

  • Youtube videos, Ads, News articles, Infographics, Influencers and KOLs

📃Governance system for GRAPE Ecosystem

Designing a roadmap in the crypto industry can be tricky business; DeFi is still at the infancy stage of the tech life cycle, and market trends often shift very quickly and unexpectedly. We believe that the ability to adapt to macro-level changes and capitalize on new opportunities is essential for growing a successful project. In our previous article, Grape Product Introduction, we purposely defined a very broad scope, so that we can remain flexible in what we decide to build next.

💬 We welcome anyone to join our fast growing GrapeDAO community!



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