Integrate your magento based website to the marketplaces like Amazon, eBay with M2E pro

M2E pro is a magento based extension and it imparts you the chance to integrate your magento based website to the marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc.Online retailers no longer need to log in to each and every market place and they can easily manage their inventories and their sales effectively. Rather than log in to each and every market place to manage all the inventories and sales ecommerce businesses can now manage it from the magento backend itself.

Manage your sales and inventories from Magento backend

Some of the benefits of using the M2E pro with mogento based ecommerce website are:

  • Multi Channel Order Management

There are many options which are available for multi channel order management and when you look at the M2E pro, it helps in avoiding the addition of the middle ware which is an additional layer for getting the work of order management done. Since M2E pro is not based on cloud, there is no need to keep the sensitive information off the ecommerce site.

  • Management of Inventory

Managing your inventory for online selling of products is a daunting task but with the help of M2E pro you can gain full control over the inventory and that too across multiple locations .When the inventory falls short and in case there is a selling of products from one location, M2E pro will automatically put a stop on the selling same product at other locations till the time it is restocked.

  • Google API integration

With the help of the Google API shopping extension, you can easily put the database of your products to the Google’s shopping feed and this will help you to enjoy higher sales and it will boost your profitability by increased selling of your products online.

  • Amazon and E bay integration

Online retailers have to manage multiple stores and multiple accounts which are of course good for their business but it takes lot of their time and efforts too. M2E pro imparts businesses the flexibility to connect their multiple stores and accounts to only one single data set and ecommerce companies can easily manage their multiple store locations from the magento backend.

  • Flexibility in product pricing

Prices of the products tend to fluctuate at different places and at different times. Now with M2E pro, you can formulate effective pricing strategies and can define variable prices for your products at different locations.

  • Customer Management

M2E pro imparts you high end customer management capabilities and you can easily import customer’s database, launch your email marketing campaigns. Customers can also get notifications on their shipping tracking numbers ensuring timely and safe delivery of products and this leads to complete customer satisfaction.

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