GraphGrailAi was invited to participate in The 2nd Russian Congress of Decenturion citizens, September 12-13th, 2018, Moscow

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Sep 11, 2018 · 4 min read

GraphGrailAi was invited to participate in The 2nd Russian Congress of Decenturion citizens!
September 13th, 2018, Moscow, Crocus City Hall, 11:00 am

Also, 12th September I will pitch among 90 investors with CryptoPythia — crypto analytics tool built on top of GraphGrailAi Platform.

Please read more about program, participants and startup competition:

What is Decenturion

The Decenturion State that leverages advanced technologies for building an effective economy and a progressive society, invites you to take part in the Second Russian Congress of Decenturion citizens.

The event will be one of the largest international conferences in Russia.Over 3,000 people will gather in the Crocus City Hall, including blockchain users, crypto-investors, media representatives, founders of startups and technology experts.
The world’s first decentralized blockchain-based state Decenturion will be presented at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York. For the first time in the history of mankind it will not be the people handing over their earnings to the state in taxes, but, on the contrary, the state will generate income for its citizens!

Operating on blockchain technology, Decenturion’s economy will be dependent on two separate, irreplaceable and complementary types of residents:

A citizen as a physical resident; and
A startup as a legal resident.

In Decenturion each citizen is assigned a role, whose significance is determined by the number of Decenturion tokens that the individual owns. Decenturion values its citizens so highly that instead of paying taxes to the new state, they will receive the new market’s assets for free in the form of the tokens of startups admitted to Decenturion.

Decenturion Startup Competition
10 strongest teams of the first release of the Decenturion Accelerator will present their projects on the main stage at the Second Congress.

From July to September, the accelerator received over 200 applications from startups from around the world.Teams went through three stages of selection: the primary scoring, the video interview with the accelerator team and the third final stage — a closed pitch session before the accelerator Expert Council.

The Expert Council will select the 40 best teams that on September 12 will compete for the right to reach the final.As a result of the pitch session, 10 final teams will be selected who will present their projects on the main stage of the Congress and will go to a two-week investment tour in Singapore and Malaysia.

Where CryptoPythia comes in

We now on the final stages in process of communication with Decenturion. Their business model is the following: they sell DC tokens as passport of country.
People buy tokens because every citizen will get tokens of startups for free, then they can sell tokens in the future and make profit.
Their plan is to attract 300 startups to their platform. Rules: every startup must issue 100mln of Startup_name_DC tokens, 50mln of them go to citizens, 50mln go to team of startup. Start token price is $1.

The new GAIDC token:

Why token will grow: their iron rule is: startup must buyback tokens from market for 25% of revenue he got from any sell of goods of services and burn that tokens.

Why apply to Decenturion accelerator

I plan to push CryptoPythia to the market this way. We can use their user base as users and testers, also this will push price up — they will do announcements, press-releases, etc, worldwide — China, USA etc

The main question: if we go with Decenturion how do we avoid contradiction of our current GAI token holders and new token holders?

Answer: GAIDC token has limited ability — it only gives access to CryptoPythia but not to GraphGrailAi platform. To get access to GraphGrailAi platform the MUST buy GAI tokens. Think like this is a new kind of bounty — we use new tokens to get new users to both CryptoPythia and GraphGrailAi platform. And of course the more they will buy GAI — the more i burn them — 25% of service price. Win-win option.

Decenturion is a new venture, if GAI holders will benefit from it — good, if something goes wrong — we can stop collaboration.

Nevetherless — it’s a cool opportunity to get Marketing boost and Roadshow for free!

Second ICO?
- No, we do not receive any money from tokens distributed by Decenturion

Do GAI holders also receive GAIDC tokens?
- No, to get GAIDC tokens you need to be Decenturion “citizen”. But you don’t need GAIDC token, because GAI token automatically gives access to CryptoPythia and all other products on GraphGrailAi platform.

GraphGrailAi LLC.

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