【Tutorial】 How to trade BitShares in Telegram group?

Graphene Blockchain
Jan 19 · 1 min read

BTS Group trading will be available on 16:16(UTC+8)in the following two telegram(BIYONG)group :



How to experience Group trading

1.Download BIYONG app through the link http://biyong.rocks/

If you already have a telegram account, log in directly on the BIYONG app and enter the following two groups to experience Group trading.



If you don’t have a telegram account,you can register a BIYONG account and enter the two groups above to experience Group trading

NOTE:The Group trading function can only be used in the BIYONG app. Telegram app isn’t support yet.

2.How to deposit BTS to BIYONG from BitShares asset exchange or other exchanges.

Get the BTS deposit address (account and memo), and withdraw from other exchanges to the address.

3.Transfer exchange wallet assets to BIYONG wallet.

Graphene Blockchain
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