Freelance Graphic Designers Bible (Online Edition)

In the past 3 weeks, i laid down my mouse and pencils to create a website called FreeStack which in short is a collection of every free website, resource, quote, advice and tutorial that has helped me get to an alright designer.

I decided to showcase all these links in a simple collection to make it easy for anyone to refer back to, get inspiration or simply browse for ways to make the design process easier. I’m lazy, I’ll be honest, but being lazy has gotten me to find some of the most useful tools and resources I use on a daily basis to make life simpler, save time and most of all save dollar.

I see a lot of colleagues, friends and classmates helping others out by offering free icons or textures and photos that they’ve designed or taken and I love the fact they’re giving back, giving a little something so the designers of the future to kickstart their career. I don’t particularly have the patience to offer such means so this is my lazy handbook to designers, an online Bible if you were that anyone can use, share and submit to keep it present.

FreeStack is essentially a collection based site for top Free Resources, Tools, Advice, Mockups, Fonts, Stock Photography, Inspiration and techniques on how to better your Graphic Design skills and it’s my gift to you.

I would have loved this when I was first starting out so I hope it helps some of you on future projects.