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Hey there Patrick.

Thanks for asking how I have been, how are you doing? I have to say I’ve never been the best at writing but when you asked for a response I thought you wouldn’t mind one.

I really enjoyed your description of the milkshake/fry combination. That sounded out of this world. The combos I’ve tried pale in comparison to the description you made. But combinations of frosty and salty meals have always been talked about since the first inventing of them right? At least I’d like to think so.

Also don’t worry about the prosciutto sandwhich. It sounds fancy but nothing to lose sleep over. I think it’s one of those things about ordering sandwiches from delis or shops. They either assume you know what you want and ignore signs of confusion, or don’t think to ask. Plus the cute face on the other side can lead some more confusion into it, what can you do?

The news by the way does always seem to be full of negativity. Speaking as someone who read news articles from sun up to sundown throughout his day I would recomend keeping distance from it. Of course if you enjoy those other heartwarming articles that get posted from time to time or simply enjoy Sunday cartoons at the end of the week, by all means have at it. Nowadays it’s the smaller but just as important stories that matter the most, at least for myself I can say that.

Now enjoy those books, make some tater tots of your own to go with it, and find a cozy spot.

Thank you for the update. Take care.

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