TeamFighting: A War of Attrition

LiberationX Vs. Echo Fox

In game 4 of the LiberationX vs Echo Fox challenge battle series, Echo Fox showed a masterful display of experience and superior teamfighting as they try to climb their way back into the series from a 2–1 deficit.

23 minutes and 20 seconds into the game, LiberationX begin their engage. They held a lead in infusions and many of their play making ultimates were available. However, it does get pretty tragic. That being when Fortress, played by e36, ends up using Attack Of The Pack when he is too far from the enemy team. A common mistake but still a big one. Generally, Fortress would want to use his ultimate ability in the center of a teamfight when surrounded by all three enemy heroes. This will ensure that the Wolves could get their first auto attack so it triggers the Bleeding. This also allows Fortress to use the extra tank stats from the ability’s fortified health. Fortress is one of the more squishy late game captain heroes as he has a level 12 base health value of only 1560, as opposed to that of Phinn and Lance, who have 1983 and 2185 health, respectively. As Fortress maxed the ability, he missed out on an extra 550 points of fortified health, a much needed stat in teamfights.

In this next figure, Echo Fox opens up with an engage. However, LiberationX, or specifically Vox played by PONtheoriginal is able to disengage the fight by blocking the Atlas and the Fairy Dust from CullTheMeek’s Flicker. Also, FooJee, who was playing Skaarf, was unable to get any initial Broken Myth stacks to encourage a Dragon Breath. LiberationX kept their distance and avoided many of his Spitfires. All of this was enough to discourage further engagement from Echo Fox.

In figure 3, LiberationX begin their engage for a second time. However, Petal played by Status, backs up completely using his Trampoline, while Fortress aggressively pushes into all three enemy heroes. There are many problems and mistakes that happen during this engagement.

  • Petal fails to read the situation and engage with his team. He leaves Fortress in a defenseless position, forcing him to use his War Treads early. If Petal had properly followed up, LiberationX would have a Breaking Point stacking Vox, and 2 huge ultimates in Spontaneous Combustion and Wait For It to use for a clean ace. It is always best to succeed and fail as a team.
  • Vox doesn’t use his Wait For It as he sees Fortress jumps into three enemy heroes. A silence here would allow Fortress time to tank damage and for Petal to get back into the fight.
  • Fortress doesn’t have Attack Of The Pack, so he will be extremely squishy in this fight. However, the decision to go in still made.
  • Fortress doesn’t use his Atlas when in range of all three. A 3 man Atlas there would have ensured victory. Ringo wouldn’t be able to stop an advance from Vox while atlased, and Skaarf wouldn’t be able to solo carry the fight if Ringo dies.
  • Running into enemy territory. Echo Fox had the full protection of their crystal sentry through all of this. A simple proc of War Treads backwards could potentially turn the fight when the sentry gets into range.

Now to their disengage. A game changing Binding Light from Flicker and a Goop from Skaarf. Echo Fox use their zoning abilities in the form of raw damage and hard CC. Wherever LiberationX went, Echo Fox had that zone covered.

Figure 5, Dragon Breath immediately followed by Mooncloak. I did some testing to confirm it, and yes, Skaarf was and can be invisible while casting Dragons Breath when hit with Mooncloak, and he was and can be invisible for about a full second when he dishes out that damage. This combination of skills allowed Skaarf to set up completely unnoticed. LiberationX were unprepared to deal with a fully channeled Dragon Breath. They blew a lot of items and abilities in their previous two tries for an engagement during this fight. Petal had planned to set up a minefield of Brambleboom Seeds to push back any charge from Echo Fox, but a cloaked Dragon Breath and Twirling Silver from Ringo melted him.

Echo Fox played to their composition’s strengths. First, they kited their way out of an incoming Attack Of The Pack, as it would be the enabler Vox needed to fully hard engage. Then, they set up fight lines near their crystal sentry. Skaarf was able to poke and build up Broken Myth stacks. Ringo was able to cover Skaarf and prevent a dive from Vox. Flicker threatened constant crowd control and counter-engage possibilities. A perfect use of their range advantage also kept both Liberation X carries cowering behind Fortress. At 3 stacks of Broken Myth, Dragon Breath scored a total of 2 kills and created a 2–1 fight that allowed Echo Fox map control even while severely behind on infusions. This later turned into a Game 4 victory and a potential game 5 berth back into the 2017 Spring season of Vainglory 8.

Vainglory In Perspective

GrassKun — Edited by: LoneDelphi, Deadringer

Shout out to the Senpais- Dowsey, FlashX, FooJee

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