Gravekper’s Arena Tier List: Homecoming Update

Nov 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Link to Gravekper’s Arena Tier List

Recent change: 2019–07–04

Ladies and Gwentlemen, I’m back with brand new Arena Tier List! For those who are not familiar with me and my list, I’m Gravekper, Korean Gwent player playing for Team Gaunter. You can check my stream for Arena runs and Pro Ladder games!

So many players loved my old tier list, and asked me when I will update my tier list for Homecoming update. Thank you for all the loves on my articles, and new one is finally here! Hope it helps you enjoy your arena runs!

How to Use

Gravekper’s Arena Tier List is a tool to help you pick cards in Arena. You can use numbers in the list to check which one is better. Cards with higher Value are usually better.

When you want to consider about synergy, check “Potential” and “Likelihood” column.

About Columns


Value represents how much Power you can get by playing the card. Cards with higher value are usually good.


Potential means how strong it can be if you get good synergy. The more + means the stronger the card can be.

  • +++++: Can be equivalent to strongest cards in the same Color(Gold/Bronze), or better.
  • ++++: Can be equivalent to good cards in the same Color.
  • +++: Can be significantly stronger than its initial value.
  • ++: Can be a bit(around 30%) stronger than its initial value.
  • +: Can be very little(less than 20%) stronger than its initial value.
  • No symbol: Too little or no synergy may happen.

Minus symbols are working in the same way. More symbols means bigger difference.


Likelihood refers to the degree of possibility that certain card will see synergy in arena deck.

  • +++++: Nearly Always.
  • ++++: Usually if you care about the synergy while deckbuilding.
  • +++: Often.
  • ++: Rarely.
  • +: Very rarely. Maybe better not expect unless you already have it.

Also same for minus synergy.

Calculation Notes

These are the rules I applied on evaluating values.

  • Cards dealing 4 or more damage are given +1 extra point because it can be essential to kill opponent high-value targets. However, 7+ damages are not given the extra point because those may overkill targeted engine unit.
  • Locks are +2 points.
  • Artifact kills are +2.
  • Moving rows are +0.5 point.
  • Cards those can choose between 2 or more effects, those gain small(less than 1) extra point.


These are all I heard after I uploaded my old tier list.

What is the scale of the values? 0–14?

Power. You can expect you gain X power by playing a card with X value. You can expect you gain 12 points by playing 12 value Old Speartip.

Will you update the list?

Yes, I will come back to it frequently.

When I think I need do change some value, I will update the sheet. Also respond to changes on cards.

I’m currently planning to write a series about Arena strategy. This tier list is actually the first one of the series. You will hear about the follow-up very soon!

What should I do if I find something wrong?

There are cases. Let me explain one by one.

(1) Something is clearly wrong

If I wrote Old Speartip has 5 point, it is wrong. If I wrote “Schirru” instead of “Schirrú”, also wrong.

(2) About synergy

I feel like I still have things to learn in the new Arena. I could use more experience. I played only 27 runs so far and 9 of them are 9 wins(until 2018–11–09). If you feel something is over/underrated, please contact me!

Can I refer/quote the list?

You can refer/quote a part of the list (under 30 lines), and you should mention the source, and attach a link to this document. If you wish to borrow more than 30 lines, please contact me.

If you are a streamer, you can use the tier list for your stream as you wish. You can discuss about the numbers or build arena decks with the list. In this case, you don’t need any permission. So please do it if you wish to, and feel free to tell me if the runs and streams were successful!

How can I contact you?

Those are my contacts.

Thanks to, etc

I talked a lot about Arena and cards with Insangpha, Korean Gwent player. He also helped me editing the guide so it can be in better English sentences. About design, my teammate CapilanoHS helped me a lot. Don’t forget we are playing for Team Gaunter! Making the list could have been way harder job without their help. Also, thanks to Redrock for promoting the list on Korean community.

Thanks to EasterEg, biggest fan of my stream. He sent me a copy of Thronebreaker while I was broke. He gets a half credit of my Thronebreaker School Loan Deck. Thanks to everyone who reads my list, watches my stream and talks in my Discord Server.

This document and the tier list follows the Gwent fan contents guideline. Also, not affiliated with CD Projekt Red.

That’s all. Hope you enjoy the List and Arena!


Written by


Professional card game player. God of Faeria, Gwent Grandmaster. Always thinking how to break games.

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