Things I have learned and stil aren’t doing.

There are so many smal and clever tricks and life hacks out there. And getting more efficient or reaching your goal seems to be the hottest topic of them all. Here are two things I wrote down two years ago, but stil haven’t mastered. And some other thoughts in the end.

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Ready is better than perfect

This life hack is so easy to talk about, but very hard to let go of. It might even be a result of your impostor syndrome. Or mine in this case. So I guess I need to start with that first, since I’m still not letting myself finish or even start something in fear of it not becoming perfect.

Start making a plan.

So many projects and so many things I want to do! Every second year or so, this simple trick hits me like an epiphany, so why am I not making plans? Got to figure this one out. It might have to do with my procrastination or not visualising the end result clearly enough.

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When I found this unfinished post in my post drafts, I thought I should just get it out there. And as a means to get myself working and to kick myself in the butt a bit, I thought I should just start write small things in this little blog.

I am also learning something new these days. I’m learning to code. I am stil just beginning and I’m realising this project might just be one of the biggest projects I have ever undertaken. Which is terrifying! Can I, procrastinator extraordinaire manage to do such a thing? And why should I even bother? There are so many talented and smart people out there that are doing amazing things with programming. How can i even hope to compare? Right?

These thought are haunting me every day, but if i make a plan, and keep thinking that ready is better than perfect. Then I should be able to see the goal ahead and not hold myself back from putting my work out there.

PS. I didn’t re read this post. I felt it was ready.

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