Graviton Zero X Wealth Union Strategic partnership

Graviton Zero are very proud to announce another strategic partnership with Wealth Union!

Wealth Union is a global network of investors, entrepreneurs, Developers and Traders who invest in leading projects in the blockchain industry.

They have a stellar portfolio and we are very excited to be working together.

We are confident that having strategic partners like Wealth Union, building a vast network of partnerships and connections will enable Graviton Zero to reach its full and true potential as one of, if not the biggest Sci-fi MMORPG Metaverses in the blockchain gaming space.

Stay tuned for many more exciting announcements/partnerships coming soon!

About Wealth Union

WealthUnion is a network of crypto-focused investors, entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, and financial traders who share investment ideas and help fund leading crypto projects. They have funded Casper Labs, Paid Network, Reef Finance, Vesper Finance, and many others and we are very excited to be among this list and working with them.

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About Graviton Zero
Play-to-Earn MMORPG, NFT Metaverse
Graviton Zero is a Play to Earn inspired next gen Sci-Fi MMORPG, NFT METAVERSE that will enable players to actually own in game Assets, Ships and Land all verified on the blockchain. Players will be able to trade/fight/explore in a fully decentralized universe with immersive and ground breaking gameplay. Ecosystem to be fully player run, with player trade missions and bounties.

For More details:
Website | Twitter | Telegram Official Group |Discord




Multi-Chain Play to Earn Sci-Fi MMORPG NFT METAVERSE

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Graviton Zero

Graviton Zero

Multi-Chain Play to Earn Sci-Fi MMORPG NFT METAVERSE

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