Alda, Autumn, and Tiare: Soundwave ((7))

Gray Area’s Cultural Incubator Program is a 6 month commitment to develop a project that applies art and technology for social and civic impact. Membership includes peer to peer support, shared workspace at the historic Grand Theater, and opportunities for public presentations. Our current cohort is preparing for their final showcase on August 11th. Leading up to the showcase we will be sharing interviews with the members to highlight what they are working on at Gray Area and beyond.

Autumn Hays

Alda Tchochiev, Autumn Hays, and Tiare Ribeaux represent Mediate Art Group, a non-profit arts organization creating meaningful, cutting edge art and music experiences through the activation of people, places and environments. In July, Mediate kicked off its 7th Soundwave Festival, a citywide summer-long, multi-venue experiential event series. Soundwave ((7)) Architecture explores sonic connections to our built environment which shape our lives as humans.

Alda Tchochiev
Tiare Ribeaux

Describe your background and what led you to Gray Area.

There are three individuals representing MEDIATE Arts Group who are currently part of the Gray Area Incubator cohort, Autumn Hays, Managing Director, Tiare Ribeaux, Artistic Director, and Alda Tchochiev, Production Manager. What brought us to Gray as an organization is the appreciation of its programing and the desire to be part of a work space which is alive and active with like-minded artists. As individuals, we each also come from an art practice — Autumn is a curator, arts administrator and artist whose work focuses on such subjects as otherization and personal narratives as alternative histories for the underrepresented; Tiare is a multimedia artist and curator interested in the cross-fertilization of the fields of science, visual arts and technology and is the founder of B4BEL4B Gallery; Alda got her start in the arts as a painter and has since grown to specialize in curating and discursive art.

Why did you decide to join Gray Area’s Cultural Incubator? How has the Incubator furthered your goals or contributed to your success?

We felt that this Incubator would allow us to grow our community and provide opportunities to organically make connections with potential future collaborators and this has absolutely happened! Our staff and interns have all benefitted from seeing the goings on in the Gray Area/Grand Theater, met interesting artists, and gained support from our new friends in the form of advice, volunteers, resources, and connections.

Mary Frank and Kadet Kuhne, Carapace. Photo by Sebastien Roy

Showcase of current Cultural Incubator projects is August 11th. The next Membership round starts September 8th. APPLY now.

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