When dreams fall asleep slowly

She thumbed the steering wheel as the radio played softly underneath the pouring rain. A violin and drums played rhythmically with the pattering rain on the asphalt of the empty parking lot. She lightly nodded her head to the tune, eyes unfocused, and stared out towards the lone street lamp that glowed dimly in her midnight.

She could hear the wind outside. A playful breeze that threatened to swallow her whole if she wasn’t careful.

The music continued, a man’s low voice added to the tilting mix. Such a catchy song. There was a guitar playing along too.

She wondered to herself what she wanted to do. The leather of her seat was warm from her body, and the radio was so soothing. The rain, when it wasn’t interrupted by the wind, sheered down around her. A blanket that could comfort as well as suffocate and she wasn’t quite sure which she preferred just now. Those drums, what kind were they?

The slick asphalt, oily in the florescent light, swirled around her. It had yet to be painted over with blaring color and bled easily into the background. A deceptive void in the midnight light.


She turned up the song, and toed off her heels. Felt the rubber mat with her tippy-toes before she opened her door and stepped out into the rain.

The sleek silk dress slowly soaked up the water, the darkness too, as the color deepened in the rain.

She held out her arms as the street lamp flickered with as the audible buzzing joined the band, closed her eyes and tried to breath in the memory.

She would’t mind drowning in this kind of darkness. This kind of peace.

There was a lull in the song. It was almost over. It was almost over. She had to go back soon.

Her eyes opened as the song beat its last, and the violin’s tilt echoed off like a friend’s quick wave — the ‘see you soon’ kind. She could see the red chasing off the black behind her street light, and slowly went back to her car. Her feet sploshed quietly on the rubber and her dress squeaked on the leather. She turned off the radio, tugged her shoes back on and rolled over the engine.

The car pulled out of the asphalt lake and she rolled down the window. Goosebumps rose on her bare arms and she stuck her head slightly out into the wind, and breathed in the last bit of darkness before turning to the sun.

Mondo Bongo — Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

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