OkCupid Stands With Planned Parenthood

I’m… uncomfortable with this new Planned Parenthood thing that’s supposed to be very clearly visible and some big deal on profiles. I feel like it’s a way to demonize a demographic over a topic that has two justifiable viewpoints. I think this will just encourage people to jump to conclusions seeing someone as one of the crazies on either side. I thought the goal of the questions they asked were supposed to help you gain a sense of the ideals of another nuanced individual, not draw lines in the sand. I understand that we all want to stand up for things we believe in, but I thought OkCupid was supposed to be one of those places that was set up to be an open platform for all comers. I don’t know, if there were any kind of badge that they offered I would hope it would be towards maybe offering charity towards victims of natural disasters or something to that extent that isn’t focused on people’s differences, but rather something people can feel encouraged to find common ground and participation in. It just makes me uncomfortable.

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